December 14, 2020


Monday 14 December, CNES’s Board of Directors convened for its 365th session at the agency’s Head Office in Paris Les Halles.

At today’s meeting, the Board gave the go-ahead for the DYSCO1 programme to demonstrate optical links for telecommunications satellites. This programme, which will tie in with exploratory studies conducted with French industrial primes, encompasses both satellite-to-ground and intersatellite optical links and covers the 2020-2026 period.

The Board approved the creation by CNES of an accelerator company to support space start-ups and turbocharge their growth. In response to the global shifts propelled by the NewSpace scene, CNES is tasked with nurturing a space economy driven by innovation and geared notably towards developing an applications ecosystem, fostering convergence between space and other sectors of the economy. With its Connect by CNES programme, the agency is fuelling this new ecosystem through a matching portfolio of services founded on five pillars: ideation, incubation, technical expertise, funding and promotion. The new accelerator is integral to this strategy, buying into start-ups and providing close support backed by high-level mentoring. The initiative is part of a French-German partnership between CNES and Bundeswehr University Munich (UniBw), approved by the German Ministry of the Economy and the German space agency DLR.

The Board also approved the process for granting subsidies to projects accredited by the Space Climate Observatory (SCO). This grant mechanism created especially for the SCO is intended to complement CNES’s other procurement mechanisms, providing a better and more flexible instrument notably for business operators outside the space sector looking to develop services based on satellite data.

Regarding the agency’s Internal Contracts Committee, the Board appointed Stéphane Renouard as an external member for a three-year term, effective 1 January 2021, and renewed Claude Bordier’s term for a further year.

1 Démonstration et sYstème SatCom Optique

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