November 20, 2018

Argos-3 instrument successfully activated on EUMETSAT’s Metop-C satellite

The Argos-3 instrument was successfully activated on the Metop-C satellite from the EUMETSAT control centre on 16 November 2018. The two instrument boxes (the receiver-processor and the transmitter) are both working normally and the first transmitter messages were able to be decoded in the course of the day. The first transmitter spotted by Metop-C was that of a Senegalese fishing boat offshore of Dakar. This kind of tracking will enable authorities to ensure the sustainable management of marine resources.

This is the latest of seven Argos operational instruments in orbit, five of which are third generation, enhancing yet further the Argos constellation for environmental users (biology e.g. wildlife tracking, meteorology, oceanography, the tracking of fishing fleets, commercial vessels and offshore racing etc.) with approximately 18,000 transmitters active each month. With this third Metop satellite and in the run-up to Metop-SG, EUMETSAT (the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) has confirmed its position as a key partner in the Argos programme, along with its US counterpart NOAA and Indian space agency ISRO.

Metop is a family of three meteorological satellites developed by EUMETSAT in cooperation with ESA, which are used to help improve meteorological predictions and global climate monitoring. Metop-C provides global meteorology, atmospheric composition, ocean and landmass observation. The satellite has a payload of 11 cutting-edge measuring instruments.  

Developed by CNES in partnership with NASA and NOAA, Argos is a satellite-based location and data collection system that will be operated by Kinéis and marketed by CLS from 2019. Metop-C will enable Kinéis to develop location and data collection applications. The Kinéis constellation will be launched in 2021, with the launch of 20 nanosatellites developed with the support of CNES. The constellation will carry new-generation Argos payloads dedicated to the Internet of Things.

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