September 4, 2015

CNES at the 2015 entrepreneurs’ convention “Create and Expand!”

CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall was a guest speaker at the 15th entrepreneurs convention—the Forum des Entrepreneurs-2015—held in Marseille, France on Friday 4 September. The convention was organized by UPE 13, the business alliance of Bouches-du-Rhône, which represents the French employers’ confederation MEDEF within the region.

Organized by UPE 13, an inter-professional organization encompassing companies from all business sectors, this annual economic event attracts some 2,000 participants, business owners, academics, politicians, union representatives and members of the press, thanks to its very high-level speakers. UPE 13 represents MEDEF in the Bouches-Du-Rhône region of France.

Jean-Yves Le Gall was one of several speakers, including the economist Jean-Paul Betbeze, the President of Innate Pharma’s executive board Hervé Brailly and the columnist Jean-Marc Vittori, at a workshop entitled “And man created the future”.

In his speech, the President of CNES recalled space’s vital contribution to major technological developments such as digital, internet and mobile phone technology, and the extent to which its future is linked to them.

In the areas of telecommunications and Earth observation, space is leading to the development of more and more powerful satellites which, thanks mainly to electric propulsion, will be able to carry ever larger payloads. In the future, these payloads will become progressively more digitalized, in other words reconfigurable in real-time and more and more virtual.

On the subject of climate study, with just a few months to go to the COP21 world conference in Paris this December, Jean-Yves Le Gall once again highlighted the fact that, of the 50 essential climate variables for understanding climate change, 26 can only be observed from space. 

Finally, on the subject of launchers and taking into account the ever more aggressive international context, Jean-Yves Le Gall recalled Europe’s mobilization at the Luxembourg Conference last December, when it gave the go-ahead for the Ariane 6 programme in order to retain its enviable position.

In conclusion, he said : “France and Europe have found the means to adapt fast in order to retain their position, thanks in particular to the unfailing support of member states and to their technological and industrial excellence. Ultimately, the benefits of space activities are measured in economic terms and consequently in terms of jobs.”

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