January 10, 2017

CNES in 2017 : New Year wishes at the Toulouse Space Centre with Thierry Mandon and Thomas Pesquet

Tuesday 10 January, in the presence of Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, and Thomas Pesquet in a live link-up from the International Space Station, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall presented his New Year wishes to the agency’s employees at the Toulouse Space Centre. The traditional gathering provided the opportunity to review the highlights of what was once again a stellar year for space, marked by major technical feats and political decisions, and to look ahead to the key events set to shape the coming year.

The New Year wishes ceremony today at the Toulouse Space Centre (CST) paid tribute to all of the teams that made 2016 yet another highly successful year. Jean-Yves Le Gall thanked the CST’s employees for their contribution to the accomplishments of the past year, among them the Rosetta-Philae mission for which many aspects were planned and operated from Toulouse, and the Proxima mission for which a good number of experiments being conducted by Thomas Pesquet on the ISS were prepared and are being operated from the CADMOS centre for the development of microgravity applications and space operations.

Jean-Yves Le Gall then looked ahead to a year in which CNES will continue to lead the way and meet new challenges in a fast-changing space landscape. Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, was also present to convey his best wishes to the men and women who are the agency’s lifeblood. Together, they then linked up with Thomas Pesquet, who paid tribute from his orbital outpost on the ISS to CNES’s achievements before taking questions.

Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “This original and novel gathering rounds off another great year for space. I would like once again to thank Thierry Mandon for his determination and commitment, for it is to him that we owe the successes spacefaring Europe achieved this year, in particular at the ESA Ministerial Conference in Lucerne. And I would like to congratulate all of the men and women who make CNES simply the best space agency in the world!”

Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research in CADMOS on Tuesday 10 January for  the New Year wishes CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall to the agency’s employees. Credits: CNES/Sylvain Charrier.

Thierry Mandon concluded: “I am especially glad to be here for this New Year gathering at CNES and with Thomas Pesquet aboard the International Space Station. CNES is proving day in, day out that the government and its agencies are capable of pursuing ambitious policies and achieving remarkable results. And to succeed, space needs the long-term stability and vision that only government can guarantee.”

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