June 19, 2019

CNES at the 2019 International Paris Air Show - Developing use of space solutions and responding to current and future social challenges

CNES’s third day at the 2019 International Paris Air Show was marked by several events on developing the use of space solutions and responding to social challenges. To remain a driving force and adapt to global changes, CNES—through its Directorate of Innovation, Applications and Science—reaches out to key economic players outside the space sector with a view to bringing space into the broader economy, notably to support the digital revolution. Informing, training, sharing its expertise and providing financial support are some of the new challenges that CNES has set for itself so as to inject space into those sectors that will shape the society of the future.

Pick of the day
The highlight of the day was the launch of the international leg of ActInSpace® 2020, the fourth edition of this competition dedicated to space applications. Spanning five continents, 50 countries and over 100 cities, ActInSpace® sets the standard for international competitions, giving contestants 24 hours to invent future products and services using satellite data and space technologies. Launched by CNES in 2014 and run jointly with ESA since 2016, ActInSpace® aims to encourage entrepreneurship especially amongst the young. Teams from different backgrounds and from around the world have 24 hours to rise to one of the challenges set for them by CNES, ESA and their partners. Since its first edition, ActInSpace® has led to the creation of 35 start-ups in its various host nations. The next finals will be held in Toulouse in June 2020 during the new international Global Space event.

Today’s news
CNES and NASA signed a joint statement on lunar exploration, in the presence of Frédérique Vidal, the Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The partnership between France and the United States in space is one of the longest-running, notably in the fields of space exploration and oceanography, where CNES’s expertise is world renowned and the two nations have worked tirelessly together to develop new science programmes and launch exploration missions. The two agencies signed a joint statement in April 2018, extending the intergovernmental space agreement for a further five years and reaffirming their commitment to pursue and step up their cooperation, especially in the domains of planetary and space exploration and observation of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans.

CNES and France’s Grand-Est Regional Council signed an agreement to promote the development of space applications in support of the regional economy. As space data and applications become part of our daily lives, CNES is working to secure partnerships with local authorities to use space as a booster for regional development.

The 2021 edition of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2021)—a major event bringing together the global space community—will take place in Paris, in recognition of France’s key role in the space arena. The first contracts relating to the organization of this IAC were signed today by CNES, notably with VIPARIS to host the event at the Paris Convention Centre and with K.I.T. Group (France) as professional congress organizer (PCO). These contracts mark a further step forward on the road to the next IAC.

There was a plenary session of CNES’s Space’ibles space survey observatory, whose members investigate new sectors where space solutions could make a difference. By extending its field of vision to new technologies normally outside the scope of space, like artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and new energies, CNES is helping to shape the space sector of tomorrow.

Coming up tomorrow
15:15 – Signing of partnership agreement with COFREX concerning CNES’s presence in the France Pavilion at Dubai World Expo 2020 | CNES Chalet
15:30 – Launch of ActInSpace national hackathon | CNES Chalet

Conference programme - Thursday 20 June 2019 – French Guiana and launcher innovations
10:00 – The Guiana Space Centre and ELA4
11:00 – Callisto and Prometheus
12:00 – ‘Let’s meet Space Start-ups’ pitches
15:00 – Launchers of the future

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