August 27, 2018

CNES action plan for SMEs Agency’s commitment to SMEs rewarded by Pacte PME association observatory

The observatory of the Pacte PME (‘SME Pact’) association, whose mission is to forge closer ties between small and medium-sized firms and key public or private accounts, has given CNES’s SME action plan an ‘A’ rating, rewarding the agency’s initiatives and the quality of its supplier relationships with French SMEs over the 2017-2018 period.

Since 2013 and through its SME action plan, CNES has been encouraging and supporting SME development, especially for those focused mainly on space technologies and innovation. In 2017, it renewed this commitment through 30 undertakings, with special emphasis on measures to support SMEs in export markets (organizing information days and B2B events and contributing actively to SME development in the field of services and applications through its Applications Plan).

The Pacte PME observatory’s assessment committee, composed of an equal number of representatives from big manufacturers, SMEs and qualified personalities from the world of business, gave CNES its ‘A’ rating on the basis of the agency’s impact indicators and the results of its ‘supplier barometer’. This barometer translates the results of a survey conducted by Pacte PME to assess customer-supplier relationships with a panel of suppliers and CNES’s actions to nurture their development. The rating achieved by CNES reflects the outstanding efforts of its teams in the eyes of the committee.

Commenting the agency’s result, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall said: “I am delighted to see CNES’s key role in the French space economy recognized in this way, especially in today’s fast-changing global space arena. CNES is readying its new SME action plan for 2018-2019, which it will be deploying starting this October. This plan will be focused on new initiatives to spur innovation and develop space applications outside their traditional markets, both for space and non-space ecosystems.”


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