May 30, 2018

CNES and French Science Academy renew partnership agreement and create CNES Astrophysics & Space Science Award

Tuesday 29 May, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall and Catherine Bréchignac, Permanent Secretary of the French Science Academy, renewed the partnership agreement signed by the two bodies in May 2015 and created a new CNES Astrophysics & Space Science Award.

This award will distinguish a French or international researcher (or research team) for their work in astrophysics at a French research laboratory, whether space technologies were used for the research or not. The winner will receive €10,000.

The CNES Astrophysics & Space Science Award will be judged through the same procedure for soliciting and presenting nominees as the other prizes awarded by the French Science Academy and will be included in the Universe Sciences category. The judging panel will be made up of members of this section of the Academy and will be chaired by the section’s delegate or deputy delegate.

Three years ago, the French Science Academy and CNES agreed to forge closer ties with the scientific community by working together on joint studies and actions, notably in the international arena. They are today stepping up their partnership through this annual award to be added to the Academy’s gallery of prestigious prizes.

After the signature of the agreement and the announcement of the new award, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “This renewed partnership with the French Science Academy confirms our mutual interest in federating skills to work together on studies and actions with the scientific community. The creation of the CNES Astrophysics & Space Science Award is a testament to the Academy’s faith in CNES, which I am delighted to note.” Catherine Bréchignac also hailed the new agreement with “CNES, one of the world’s leading space agencies combining the most fundamental missions like Microscope to test the principle of universal gravitation and the most innovative missions like CoRot to hunt for exoplanets with technological developments like Ariane and the Pleiades Earth-observation satellites. Space has been a focus of investigation for our Academy since its inception, and indeed the astronomer Christiaan Huygens was one of our first members in 1666.”

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