October 9, 2015

CNES and MEDDE working together for climate

Friday 9 October, CNES and the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) held the fourth steering committee meeting under the cooperation agreement they signed in 2011.

This fourth steering committee meeting, co-chaired by CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall and Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, Interministerial Delegate and Commissioner General for Sustainable Development at MEDDE, reviewed the progress of Europe’s Galileo satellite positioning system and of Earth-observation programmes that are making a notable contribution to climate monitoring.

The growing applications of space were then discussed at length, notably the roadmap of the interministerial Galileo working group, the ministry’s satellite applications plan, CoSpace and satellite surveillance of maritime territories. The committee focused in particular on the Sentinel Product Exploitation Platform (PEPS) set up recently by CNES to provide free access to data for French users from the Copernicus programme’s satellites. PEPS is geared to the needs of the scientific community, is helping to implement and track environment and security policies, and fostering downstream services and the industrial development that goes with them.

Lastly, the meeting confirmed CNES’s continuing collaboration and participation in the various bodies charged with defining and monitoring MEDDE’s satellite applications plan for 2016-2020. The cooperation agreement signed by CNES and MEDDE in 2011 will thus be renewed.

After the meeting, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented that it was truly an honour for CNES to see MEDDE’s satellite applications plan renewed and to be one of the prime movers behind it. For CNES, 2015 is the year of climate and every citizen must make it their year of climate, too. That is why CNES is working alongside MEDDE in the run-up to the COP21 climate conference. Laurence Monnoyer-Smith expressed satisfaction with the fruitful cooperative ties established between CNES and MEDDE and underlined that they should be pursued and expanded.

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