October 20, 2021


Since 2020, CNES offers key SME space suppliers an accreditation scheme for a broad range of products and services encompassing launchers, orbital systems, ground segments, satellites, balloons and spaceplanes, with a view to promoting the excellent work they do for the agency’s programmes. Accredited products or services must have proven their worth—for example, at least one product in the range must have matured to a technology readiness level (TRL) of at least 6—and have business development potential. Some 40% of key space suppliers are SMEs, who play a vital role alongside big firms within the French industry base through their cutting-edge expertise, their impressive ability to innovate and their great agility.

This year, CNES's inter-directorate accreditation committee led by the agency’s Procurement Directorate and calling on the expertise of its cognizant technical departments has awarded 19 new labels to:

⦁    AFC-STAB (moulding tool for composite satellite reflectors)
⦁    CODECHAMP (high-precision optical encoders)
⦁    COMAT (space mechanisms)
⦁    COMAT (assembly, integration and mechanical testing of space subsystems and equipment)
⦁    COMAT (hardware and experiments in microgravity)
⦁    ISP SYSTEM (mechanisms and actuators for stratospheric and tropospheric balloons)
⦁    ISP SYSTEM (electro-mechanically actuated deformable mirrors for space applications)
⦁    ISP SYSTEM (electro-mechanical actuators for high-resolution space applications)
⦁    M3 SYSTEMS (StellaNGC GNSS test and measurement software)
⦁    M3 SYSTEMS (satellite radionavigation expertise)
⦁    MERSEN BOOSTEC (silicon-carbide stable mirrors and structures for space telescopes)
⦁    MICROTEC (flight computers for stratospheric and tropospheric balloons)
⦁    SOTEREM (ground ventilation, water/air separation and cooling systems for microgravity applications)
⦁    SOTEREM (assembly, integration and mechanical testing of space subsystems and equipment)
⦁    SOTEREM (electric motors for space applications)
⦁    SYRLINKS (radiofrequency equipment for cubesats and nanosatellites in low Earth orbit)
⦁    TRAD (radiation engineering and radiation qualification testing for equipment, components and materials)
⦁    TRAD (software for radiation dose and environment calculations)
⦁    U-SPACE (3U-class nanosatellite bus and payload integration)

For the full list of accredited SMEs, see: https://entreprises.cnes.fr/en/cnes-sme-label

The French space industry capabilities catalogue today contains more than 200 entries. In place since last year and accessible via CNES's website, this catalogue is geared towards promoting cooperation between space agencies, research institutes and industry, and encouraging prospective partners to turn to France as a reflex response. It is open to all French firms with a significant stake in designing, developing, producing, operating and exploiting space systems.

This catalogue enables users to easily match capabilities to requirements through a one-stop shop with a geolocation tool, search engine and contractor profiles.

French space industry capabilities catalogue: https://cnes.fr/fr/french.space.industry.catalogue

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