December 18, 2020


CNES offers key SME space suppliers an accreditation scheme for a broad range of products and services encompassing launchers, orbital systems, ground segments, satellites, balloons and spaceplanes, with a view to promoting the excellent work they do for the agency’s programmes

Accredited products or services must have proven their effectiveness—for example, at least one product in the range must have matured to a technology readiness level (TRL) of at least 6—and have business development potential. Some 40% of key space suppliers are SMEs, who play a vital role alongside big firms within the French industry base through their cutting-edge expertise, their impressive ability to innovate and their great agility.

The CNES-SME label scheme initiated at the start of this year is overseen by an inter-directorate accreditation committee led by the agency’s Procurement, Sales & Legal Affairs Directorate (DAJ), and by the cognizant technical departments within its other directorates. Activities submitted for accreditation are evaluated according to a range of criteria, chiefly their excellence in developing a type of product or their expertise related to a specific service.

After the first two meetings of its accreditation committee, CNES has awarded the first SME labels to the following companies:

⦁    AGENIUM SPACE (Onboard artificial intelligence)
⦁    ANYWAVES (Miniature and high-performance antennas for satellite constellations)
⦁    CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (Piezoelectric and electromagnetic space mechanisms)
⦁    DACTEM DEVELOPPEMENT (Electrical ground support equipment)
⦁    DACTEM DEVELOPPEMENT (Qualification of 1553 communication bus interfaces)
⦁    ELEMCA (Tests, analyses & expertise)
⦁    EREMS (Onboard space electronics)
⦁    HEMERIA (30-kg-class smallsat provider)
⦁    HEMERIA (Harness for satellites and launchers)
⦁    HENSOLDT SPACE CONSULTING (Product assurance)
⦁    MAGELLIUM (Earth-observation algorithms)
⦁    MAGELLIUM (Vision-based location for space robotics)
⦁    MAP (Coatings for satellites and launchers)
⦁    MECANO I.D. (Mechanical and structural expertise)
⦁    MECANO I.D. (Mechanical and thermal subsystems)
⦁    SAP MICROMECANIQUE (High-dimensional-accuracy products)
⦁    SEREME (Ground test facilities for satellites and launchers)
⦁    STEEL ELECTRONIQUE (Space electronics equipment)

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