April 27, 2018

CNES celebrates 20 years of COMET communities, Open Innovation serving space

Thursday 26 and Friday 27 April in Toulouse, CNES celebrated the 20th anniversary of its COMET expert communities (formerly CCTs or technical expertise communities) first formed in 1998. Today, there are 20 such communities bringing together more than 3,000 experts from academia, industry and institutional partners.

COMETs are open innovation tools that seek to federate and network space sector expertise. Some, like the spaceflight dynamics and satellite positioning and timing COMETs, concentrate exclusively on space, while others are more focused on the work environment, like for example in the areas of information system architecture and software engineering or electronic microsystems and components. To fuel innovation and develop skills, COMETs nurture exchanges and partnerships between space and other areas of activity such as the automobile or medical sectors. They foster cross-disciplinary networking and sharing of know-how and lessons learned, and encourage the emergence of novel ideas.

This celebratory event gave the various COMETs the opportunity to meet and talk through working groups, workshops, symposia and expert panel discussions. The 20 COMET leads presented the results of their communities’ work for 2016-2017 and discussed prospects for 2018-2019. Stakeholders from outside the space sector were also in attendance, such as Catherine Clerc, Director of the Cross-Disciplinary Research Mission at the national scientific research centre CNRS, and Nadine Leclair, Renault SVP Expert Fellow. Franco Ongaro, Director of ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), also took part in the event.

Hélène Ben Aim Drieux, CNES’s COMET Coordinator, commented: “COMETs aim to be the expert networks of the future. They enable mutually beneficial sharing of know-how and expertise, and are helping to transform the way we work. Their shared ambition is to lay the foundations for the future together.”

Learn more at comet-cnes.fr

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