April 14, 2021


Wednesday 14 April, at the invitation of Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, Chair of the Executive Board of the German space agency DLR, and Professor Stefan Schlechtriem, Director of its Institute of Space Propulsion, CNES’s Director of Launch Vehicles, Jean-Marc Astorg, was at the Lampoldshausen facility in Germany for the inauguration of its new P8.3 liquid propulsion research test stand.

Speaking at today’s event, Jean-Marc Astorg pointed to the key accomplishments of CNES and DLR’s partnership in the domain of launchers and hailed how French-German cooperation has advanced understanding and matured technologies in liquid propulsion since 1985. He also underlined CNES’s support since 1992 for the P8 test stand by funding and exploiting the capabilities that have proved vital in developing the engines for the Ariane family of European launchers.

The P8 stand is a cornerstone of efforts to mature liquid propulsion technologies and has enabled an extensive series of combustion tests for the development of engines, from Vulcain to Prometheus and Vinci along the way. This unique tool is also helping to yield new insights into the underlying physics of combustion.

In 2015, to pave the way for the systems and subsystems of future launchers and with an eye on reusability, CNES and DLR decided to move forward with the P8.3 test stand, offering additional capabilities designed to meet new R&T needs and to test low-thrust engines.

In conclusion, Jean-Marc Astorg said: “CNES is delighted to pursue and extend its excellent R&T partnership with DLR and ArianeGroup, both in supporting operations of the current Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 launchers and in laying the groundwork for the next generation of liquid-propulsion reusable European launchers.”

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