June 3, 2019

CNES Executive Committee appointment, Laurence Monnoyer-Smith appointed Climate and Environment Adviser to CNES President from 1st June

Laurence Monnoyer-Smith has been appointed Climate and Environment Adviser to the CNES President and member of the CNES Executive Committee, effective 1st June 2019. From 2015 until last month, Laurence Monnoyer-Smith was commissioner general and interministerial delegate for sustainable development at France’s Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition. There, she was in charge of the research and innovation department behind developing a satellite applications policy for environmental and climate issues, Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation programme, and steering France’s public science and technology network of some 50 organizations, institutes and technical facilities with expertise in the field of sustainable development and land planning. As interministerial delegate, she spearheaded France’s implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A professor in communication studies, Laurence Monnoyer-Smith specializes in science communication and has written several theses on the subject of civic participation in environmental decision making.  She is head of teaching at the University of Technology of Compiègne and former director of its Costech research lab, dedicated to the cognitive and communication sciences.

Climate and tackling climate change are among the key challenges of the 21st century. At the One Planet Summit organized by France, CNES suggested the creation of a Space Climate Observatory (SCO) to pool the resources of space agencies, weather agencies and research bodies worldwide, in order to better measure and visualize the effects of climate change and provide decision makers with the necessary tools to analyze the situation and to act. In addition to the SCO, CNES is involved in many other space projects dedicated to the study of Earth.

The Climate and Environment Adviser will therefore be primarily responsible for:
•    Advising CNES on its programme strategy regarding the climate and environment and coordinating all related activities,
•    Developing CNES activities aimed at limiting its environmental impact and improving the ecodesign of its space systems,
•    Promoting CNES as a weapon against climate change, not least via the Space Climate Observatory (SCO).

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