January 20, 2021


Tuesday 19 January, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall gave the closing address at the AIxSPACE conference, the first event of its kind dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) for space organized by Innovitech and Euroconsult, who have joined forces to create this virtual event bringing together decision-makers and stakeholders in the field of aerospace and AI, research scientists, manufacturers, SMEs and start-ups.

The day’s speakers confirmed AI’s prime role in space innovation for:
⦁    telecommunications and remote-sensing satellites
⦁    development of applications leveraging satellite data across different domains including healthcare, agriculture and transport
⦁    space exploration, for example through remote medical assistance for astronauts and robotic operations, autonomous decision-making and detection of anomalies (Nostradamus tool developed by CNES)

In his address, Jean-Yves Le Gall underlined how the use of AI for space applications is only just starting but already becoming vital to space activities. While he stressed that we still have a long way to go to develop and mature AI, he also confirmed it is a great source of innovation advancing science and technology for our future here on Earth and in space.

He emphasized that AI, combined with mining of vast volumes of satellite and terrestrial data, is a rich vein for the development of our societies and the future of our economies, driving what we now call the “fourth industrial revolution”.

In a constantly shifting space ecosystem, AI will prove crucial to transform skills and meet many challenges ahead, notably to gain fresh insights into our planet and its environment.

Concluding his address, Jean-Yves Le Gall said: “As a living organism, AI must adapt to our world or, should I say, we must adapt it to our world to continue to dream, explore, innovate and evolve.”

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