February 5, 2019

CNES hosts 10th forum of Space Agency Chief Information Officers (SACIO)

From Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 February, CNES is organizing the 10th forum of Space Agency Chief Information Officers (SACIO) in Paris, attended by ESA for Europe, NASA for the United States, DLR for Germany, JAXA for Japan and CSA for Canada. Initiated in 2012 by CNES and ESA, this forum aims to encourage an exchange of views between space agencies’ chief information officers (CIOs) on common issues and the many challenges facing them.

Tuesday 5 February at the agency’s Head Office in Paris Les Halles, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall welcomed representatives of participating space agencies to open and celebrate this 10th edition of the SACIO forum. In his welcome address, he underlined the importance of such gatherings to share experience, good practices, difficulties and successes in the constantly shifting and increasingly exacting environment of the space sector.

He began by reflecting on the deluge of data we are now seeing around the world, particularly for space missions, which is forcing all agencies to rethink how they exploit this resource. New digital technologies are creating two opportunities: the cloud and artificial intelligence.

The cloud enables sharing of data with other agencies and offers almost infinite processing capacity. However, agencies need to consider security and cost issues with respect to in-house solutions. Artificial intelligence, meanwhile, is encouraging more effective use of data to extract useful information and process it in ways not previously envisaged by experts.

He then stressed the importance of cybersecurity in response to ever-growing threats and the need for agencies to share their experience and good practices in this domain.

He concluded his address with a review of CNES and its activities and accomplishments in 2018, emphasizing that close international cooperation remains the key to success in any sector.

The group will be pursuing its work on a range of topics, notably the digital transformation, data policies and agile developments, on Wednesday 6 February at the Paris Observatory, where a visit is scheduled during the course of the day.

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