July 27, 2015

CNES - Innovate to Win : Gfi Informatique Selected to Run Managed Services for SIRIUS Information System

CNES’s Information Systems Directorate recently put the managed services for SIRIUS—its network information and computer/user/service infrastructure system—out to competition. Following a call for tender, Gfi Informatique has been selected to run all its managed services including the transformation of CNES’s information system infrastructure and applications, for a period of four years extendable to six.

After launching the information system blueprint and associated projects that will enable CNES to rise to all its ongoing and future challenges—In terms of both space activities and their users plus the organization itself—CNES’s Information Systems Directorate set out to overhaul the managed services for its information systems via a call for tender, in order to ensure greater standardization of use. The Directorate had a series of objectives, chief of which was to place users and projects back at the centre of those services offered and to give them real added value, by implementing standardized managed services that are themselves service-oriented, proactive, adaptable and
secure while limiting the associated costs.

Of the six specialist companies that responded to the call for tender, Gfi Informatique was selected since the solutions it offers were seen to be those best-adapted to CNES’s challenges and internal structure as well as to its needs and expectations. CNES’s IS production will eventually be run by more than 140 people, located at Gfi Informatique’s sites in Toulouse, Nantes and Paris.

On signing the contract with Gfi Informatique, at CNES’s Head Office in Paris on 27 July, CNES Information Systems Director Geneviève Campan said: “Gfi Informatique clearly emerged as the partner capable of accompanying us through this transformation, in order to reach a new milestone. Apart from demonstrating its industrial capabilities in terms of the provision of secure services, Gfi Informatique succeeded in understanding, and in creating solutions for, the challenges that CNES faces.”
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