June 17, 2015

CNES launches Collective for Space Care to promote responsible space activities

Wednesday 17 June at the 51st International Paris Air Show, CNES announced the launch of the Collective for Space Care, bringing together space operators and partners who share the sense of responsibility enshrined in the French Space Operations Act (FSOA) and international space treaties.

The French Space Operations Act (FSOA) formally establishes France’s international commitments under United Nations space treaties and defines the requirements to be met by space operators with regard to the safety of people and property, and to protection of the environment and public health. CNES is responsible for drafting the technical regulations associated with the FSOA and for checking technical compliance of each space operation that falls within the scope of the act.
The utility and value of assuring compliance with these technical regulations, now in force for four years, is today recognized across the European space community. Indeed, a number of nations and organizations have even taken their cue from the regulations for their own requirements. CNES is therefore proposing that the space community affirm these advances and consolidate its commitments through the Collective for Space Care, a non-profit association chaired by the CNES President whose members will sign a charter setting out the values they undertake to uphold: assuring greater safety of people and property, and preserving the health of populations; mobilizing their efforts to protect the Earth and space environment; and helping to sustain the activities of the space community through sharing of experience and skills, and by setting the standard for others.
CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall officially launched the Collective for Space Care by inviting the heads of Airbus Defence & Space, Airbus Safran Launchers, Arianespace, the European Space Agency (ESA), Eutelsat, Thales Alenia Space and the University of Montpellier to sign the charter. After the signing, he commented: “I am delighted that CNES has succeeded in getting the major space players behind this collective, which will effectively leverage the application of the space operations act to ensure safety and to sustain space activities, guided by the key principle of always doing the utmost to set the standard for the rest.”
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