September 19, 2018

CNES meets X-Space group - Engineering students embracing the spirit of space

Wednesday 19 September, CNES Chief Operating Officer Lionel Suchet welcomed Alain Bories, Chair of the X-Space group from the Ecole Polytechnique engineering school, at the agency’s Head Office in Paris. This group formed at the 2017 International Paris Airshow aims to get the Ecole Polytechnique community interested in the space sector and industry. Today, Jean-Yves Le Gall addressed an audience of 40 students from the school, explaining how CNES is driving Europe’s space effort and playing a key role promoting France on the world stage, with a view to inspiring vocations among the young graduates.

In his presentation to the students, Lionel Suchet underlined the importance of space in our daily lives, as a booster of innovation, leveraging technologies and applications developed to meet the needs of citizens and institutions in such areas as mobility, healthcare, land planning, agriculture and the environment. He also emphasized CNES’s central role in executing France’s space policy and as a pillar of the European Space Agency (ESA) and partner of the European Commission.

CNES Chief Operating Officer went on to stress how CNES’s skills and expertise—buoyed by the digital revolution—are proving instrumental in the shifting international space landscape now being driven by a multitude of players, agencies, multinational firms and start-ups. He detailed how innovating and adapting to this new context is inspiring everything CNES does and strengthening its ability to develop fruitful international partnerships, notably in the area of space science with the upcoming arrival of the MASCOT lander on asteroid Ryugu, the launch of the BepiColombo mission to unlock the secrets of Mercury and the landing of InSight-SEIS to ‘take the pulse’ of Mars. CNES is also actively involved with its international partners in tackling climate change, developing Earth-observation programmes and federating the world’s space players around its Space Climate Observatory (SCO) initiative unveiled at the One Planet Summit. This initiative is geared towards pooling satellite data to study climate variables and better predict the impacts of climate change.

CNES Chief Operating Officer concluded by pointing to the fact that more than half of the careers that will have emerged by 2030 are yet to be invented and that space innovation is nurturing new disciplines and opportunities. In a context of innovation and constant change, CNES is laying the groundwork for the careers of the future.

At the end of today’s gathering, Lionel Suchet commented: “It was a great pleasure for me to welcome the X-Space group to CNES today, as the involvement of Ecole Polytechnique alumni in the space sector is clearly generating renewed interest in what we do around the world. These students here today will always be welcome at CNES, where they will have the chance to give free rein to their creativity and invent the future of space. This gathering will further cement our ties with the Ecole Polytechnique and shows us that these students are also embracing the spirit of space!”

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