October 21, 2020


As longstanding partners in space research, CNES and ONERA are combining their expertise to address new challenges in the fields of launchers, satellites and space data applications, leveraging the latest developments to support the military space strategy set out by the Ministry of Armed Forces and the directives of the European Space Policy. Today’s bilateral meeting between the two agencies’ presidents reviewed the progress of the many joint initiatives they are working on together. It also served to sign a new five-year framework agreement between them.

The meeting provided the opportunity to conduct a status check on launcher and orbital systems activities, as well as the agencies’ joint training programme for doctoral and post-doctoral graduate students aimed at helping to build and consolidate the French space ecosystem.

The meeting also reviewed results and prospects for the new PIC programmes of shared interest that are supporting R&T actions co-funded by the two agencies. Under their 2015 framework agreement, these actions were stepped up significantly with the launch of nine PIC programmes for launchers and six for orbital systems.

The new framework agreement signed today, which confirms and consolidates the two agencies’ commitment to driving research and innovation together for the French and European space industry and national research laboratories, stems from the CNES/ONERA working groups set up in September last year. The five-year agreement will boost their cooperation, in particular through a new Executive Committee tasked with short-cycle operational monitoring of technical activities and sustaining a permanent strategic dialogue between CNES and ONERA. The new agreement was signed after the bilateral meeting.

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