July 20, 2017

CNES organizes C’Space 2017 student space event

The 2017 edition of C’Space, the annual student space event organized by CNES and non-profit association Planète Sciences, is taking place at the Camp de Ger military base of the 1st Parachute Hussard airborne cavalry regiment near Tarbes in Southwest France, from 15 to 22 July. On Thursday 20 July, the young participants will be given the special opportunity to meet space professionals.

CNES encourages youngsters to develop their space-tech skills, and for young students from engineering schools, universities, vocational schools and clubs, C’Space is a unique opportunity to present high-tech space projects that involve building rockets, CanSats and balloons. The space enthusiasts get the chance to work on projects from conception through to completion and to fly scientific experiments, experiencing what it’s like to be part of a cross-disciplinary team. These CNES educational projects pursued throughout the year are supervised by Planète Sciences, with regular reviews undertaken with the agency’s experts to ensure compliance with specifications.

C’Space marks the culmination of these projects where young students get together for the final integration and qualification of their project, and are able to launch their rockets safely. With more than 400 attendees, half of them students from as far away as Austria, Japan and Russia, C’Space is a major annual event for space enthusiasts. For C’Space 2017, there will be 30 experimental rockets, 50 mini-rockets, 10 CanSats and an experimental balloon launched from the Camp de Ger base from 15 to 22 July. The CanSat challenge consists in building a satellite the size of a drink can and releasing it from a tethered balloon at an altitude of 150 metres to perform scientific experiments. Teams are required to deploy their satellite and conduct a mission with it, such as sounding the atmosphere, terraforming or determining a landing position. Their efforts will be judged by a panel of experts and a prize is awarded to the best team.

Over the five days of the event, the French Army’s Camp de Ger military base will provide the stage for the third year running for rocket launches in the magnificent setting of the Pyrenees. CNES is responsible for range safety during launches and dispenses expert advice to teams. At the official visit day on Thursday 20 July, participating youngsters will also get a chance to meet aerospace professionals and officials and talk to them about career opportunities in space.

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