May 19, 2015

CNES organizes first International Conjunction Assessment Workshop

CNES is organizing the first International Conjunction Assessment Workshop (ICAW) at its Head Office in Paris Les Halles on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 May, attended by the world’s main space agencies, operators and contractors.

Managing orbital conjunction assessment is one of the main methods of preserving the space environment for future generations, mostly through the application of regulations and active or passive avoidance measures. With this in mind, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall opened the workshop with these words: “Since 1974 and its first satellite Symphony 1, CNES has been a precursor and a key player in international discussions aimed at obtaining agreed regulations on space pollution.”

Having convinced its European partners to work together on this matter, CNES succeeded in federating efforts that led in 2004 to the European Code of Conduct for Space Debris Mitigation, signed by partner agencies in 2004 and by ESA in 2006. At international level, CNES has also contributed to the work of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) aimed at establishing standards on debris which can be directly applied by manufacturers. Lastly, every two years since 2006 CNES has organized the European Satellites End-of-Life Operations Workshop, and since 2010 the European Space Debris Modelling and Remediation Workshop, now both established events in the space debris calendar.

Jean-Yves Le Gall underlined the success of this well-attended first ICAW bringing together the world’s leading specialists in space debris. He concluded: “Our aim now is to share our expertise in this field in order to achieve better conjunction assessments for the benefit of all. CNES is closely involved in these efforts seeking to preserve our planet’s future.”

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