July 1, 2017

CNES organizes fourth edition of Universpace orbital systems summer school from 26 June to 7 July

For the fourth year running, CNES, the French national civil aviation school ENAC and the Occitanie regional council are organizing the Universpace orbital systems summer school.

Space is of major strategic, economic, scientific, technical and ethical importance, but the complex issues it raises are rarely addressed publicly and can sometimes be hard to apprehend for students.

The goal of the Universpace orbital systems summer school is to give them a clear and engaging vision of all the aspects and components of the French, European and international space sector.

Universpace is aimed chiefly at undergraduate students with an interest in space and keen to gain insight into the current and future issues driving the sector, and at university-level educators involved in space lectures, activities or projects.

Talks (in French) will be given by stakeholders and professionals from space and related sectors, including astronauts, educators, engineers, industry representatives, operators, non-profit players and speakers from the banking and insurance sectors. They will focus on three main themes: space challenges and stakeholders, key technologies used in designing a satellite (with practical exercises), and visits, entertainment and discussions with space professionals:
•    Industry visits: Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defence & Space, Intespace, Airbus A380 assembly line
•    Leisure visits: Cité de l’espace space theme park, Aeroscopia aerospace museum

Universpace complements CNES’s palette of outreach efforts for students, with more than 5,000 hours of lectures dispensed to date at more than 70 higher-education establishments, and more broadly the agency’s youth education actions aimed at fuelling the future talent pool for France’s space sector and for CNES.

Contacts :
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