January 24, 2019

CNES a prime partner for users of new space applications

Thursday 24 January, Christophe Venet, CNES’s Head of European and International Affairs, addressed the Space Data Conference at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where he detailed the strategy CNES has devised to adapt to the new world space order and remain a key player on the European space scene, working for government and citizens.

During the panel session on space and logistics, Christophe Venet underlined the strong emphasis that CNES places on serving society. To this end, the agency’s recent reorganization, with the creation of its Directorate of Innovation, Applications and Science, has spawned new approaches to respond effectively to the needs of space data users and to the new challenges posed by digital technologies.

To implement this approach, CNES makes its expertise available to manufacturers, large operators, research organizations and start-ups. Christophe Venet illustrated this scheme through CNES’s role in the area of transportation logistics, which revolves around four pillars:

•    Fostering new mobility behaviours through space science serving autonomous vehicles. CNES recently signed a partnership agreement with VEDECOM, a French institute dedicated to mobility, to spur development and validation of space technologies and solutions for such vehicles.
•    Combining satellite geolocation, data transmission and complementary terrestrial technologies to enable standalone, real-time tracking of freight to its final destination. With its expertise in geolocation and smart transportation solutions, CNES supports industries and carriers in their logistics and business challenges.
•    Geolocation solutions: positions calculated using signals from constellations of navigation satellites must be irrefutable and authenticated through validation work upstream, conducted by test laboratories such as the GUIDE laboratory, which CNES is supporting with its expertise to tackle performance and safety issues and define a methodology for certifying signal receivers to be used in terrestrial applications.
•    Helping public authorities to employ satellite-based solutions to meet the ever-increasing mobility needs in their territories, as CNES has done in signing a partnership with SNCF to help manage the French railway network more efficiently through satellite navigation.

After the panel session, Christophe Venet commented: “CNES plays the role of a critical enabler, bridging space and non-space communities. In this respect, CNES is fulfilling its mission as a public agency fostering socio-economic benefits for all citizens through new space applications.”

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