April 11, 2016

CNES renews memorandum on space training with the Ecole de l’Air

CNES devotes a lot of effort to programmes for the Ministry of Defence. To optimize its work, it supports space training for the ministry’s officers. To this end, the agency signed a memorandum Friday 8 April with the Ecole de l’Air, France’s air officer training school, formalizing actions aimed at helping the school’s command to give trainee officers the vital knowledge needed to fulfil their future space responsibilities.

Military space programmes and space surveillance and tracking operations are conducted in collaboration with army officers and engineers at the French defence procurement agency DGA and CNES. To optimize this cooperation, CNES helps the military to provide space training for their future officers. The agency has put this support for the Ecole de l’Air’s trainees and instructors on a formal footing by renewing the memorandum that has underpinned their partnership since 1990.

The memorandum signed by Air Brigadier General Francis Pollet, commander of the Ecole de l’Air, and CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall is intended to open training provided by CNES to officers and to invite them to special events like satellite launches and positioning operations. lt also provides for support from CNES’s engineers for end-of-diploma internships, seminars and specialist master’s degrees offered by the Ecole de l’Air.

On the signature of the memorandum, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “The memorandum we have renewed today is an investment for the future. The support we shall continue to provide to the Ecole de l’Air for space training for its officers and trainees will allow us to work on future projects with officers ever-better armed in this domain so crucial to France and its national defence community.”

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