April 11, 2016

CNES showcases space to E2C interns

At its Head Office in Paris on Friday 8 April, CNES played host to more than 100 interns from second chance schools in the Paris region to spark their interest in space science and technologies.

CNES opened its doors to the Écoles de la 2ème Chance (E2C) in the Paris region to give youngsters from these second chance schools the opportunity to experience a new environment and to discover the world of the space business.

E2C schools were created in 1995 by Édith Cresson during her tenure as European Commissioner for Research, Science and Technology to assist social, civic and professional integration of unqualified young adults.

Following the opening of the first E2C school in Marseille in 1997, future schools subsequently came together to form a national network of “second chance schools” that now counts 115 members in metropolitan and overseas France. Chaired from its inception by Alexandre Schajer, President of the Champagne-Ardennes E2C, the network is founded on a shared culture and has its own unique label. It pools innovative experiences from member schools and supports development of new structures to meet the needs of the many young people looking for a second chance and a future career path.

The young E2C interns listened intently to presentations from engineers and scientists about CNES’s space projects, how satellites are designed, the hot topic of global warming and the Rosetta mission that landed the Philae rover on the surface of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Constructive discussions ensued with the youngsters showing their thirst for knowledge as a new world opened before them.

On this occasion, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “The world of space cannot develop without schools and education for the young and adults alike. Knowledge, curiosity and an open mind are the keys to success and the passport to a brighter future. I am convinced that motivated young people with a can-do attitude and aware of their role in society will shape our future.”

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