September 17, 2020


Thanks to the pro-active industrial policy it has pursued for over half a century and sustained through targeted government investment, France today has a strong and competitive space industry renowned worldwide for its quality and reliability. CNES has now put in place two new tools to support this industry, notably to promote it in export markets and other domains of activity.

CNES-SME label for space products and space engineering activities

Announced at the agency’s Innovation Day in February in Toulouse, a new CNES label has been created for its key SME suppliers with a view to highlighting the excellent work they do providing products and engineering expertise. The label is awarded to individual space products or product ranges and space engineering activities, and not to firms overall. Accredited products or services must be well renowned and have proven their effectiveness, for example at least one product in the range must have matured to a technology readiness level (TRL) of at least 6, i.e., it must have been demonstrated in a representative environment.

The scheme, overseen by an inter-directorate accreditation committee at CNES, will be up and running by the end of the year. Products or engineering activities submitted for accreditation under the label will be evaluated according to a range of criteria, including notably the excellence of their development. The first labels are expected to be awarded between now and year-end.


Catalogue to promote French space industry capabilities in export markets

Operational since mid-April, the French space industry capabilities catalogue is geared towards promoting cooperation between space agencies, research institutes and industry, and encouraging prospective partners to turn to France as a reflex response. Accessible via the CNES website, it is open to all French firms with a significant stake in designing, developing, producing and operating space systems. This new catalogue will enable users to easily match capabilities to requirements through a one-stop shop with a geolocation tool, search engine and contractor profiles.

More than 150 French space industry firms are already listed in the catalogue, with contractor profiles for more than 100 of them.


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