November 20, 2020


After the loss of the Taranis satellite subsequent to the failure of Vega flight VV17, and in light of the science value of this mission in a still largely unexplored field of research, CNES has immediately set up a task force to put forward proposals for a Taranis 2 mission.

To this end, and more precisely to assess potential technical options for the mission’s instruments and spacecraft bus, the project organization setting the respective roles of CNES, CNRS, CEA and industry, and the development schedule, the task force will:

⦁    Reassess science requirements, identifying what can be adapted or abandoned
⦁    Identify what can be reused from the Taranis mission—instruments, hardware, ground mission and control segment, simulators, etc.—and what needs to be redeveloped
⦁    Propose technical options that favour simple, already available elements, notably to replace the Myriade spacecraft bus used for the Taranis satellite
⦁    Outline an overall Taranis 2 project organization, indicating respective responsibilities and procurement plans

The task force will be made up of the main stakeholders from the three organizations involved in the Taranis project (CEA, CNES and CNRS), calling on the inherent expertise of each. It will define a mission matching the science goals of Taranis while seeking to cut costs and lead times, and will present its consolidated findings to the CNES Executive Committee end January 2021 after a status report in mid-December 2020.

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