February 19, 2018

CNES at Station F with Connect by CNES - Supporting start-ups innovating with space technologies and applications

Monday 19 February, in the presence of Frédérique Vidal, Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Mounir Mahjoubi, Minister of State for the Digital Sector, and Guillaume Boudy, Secretary General for Investment, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall was at Station F to present the structure that the agency has set up to support innovative start-ups working with space technologies and applications.

Setting up store within the French Tech Central co-working space at Station F, CNES is joining 30 public-sector players already present to serve the needs of these new entrepreneurs. The agency’s presence at Station F is an extension of the Connect by CNES initiative launched a few weeks ago, its aim being to reach out and engage with communities. CNES will offer start-ups a range of high-quality services leveraging its unique experience and expertise in the space sector, while also providing a good platform for communicating in France and worldwide.

For several years now, space has been undergoing a seismic shift in terms of technological innovation and development of applications. As a result, it is becoming a strong lever for economic and social development, while helping to transform the way we live. In response to this evolving landscape, CNES created a new Directorate of Innovation, Applications and Science (DIA) two years ago with the mission to open up the agency to the outside world, encourage technology exchange and stay attuned to users’ needs. The agency is thus sponsoring technology spin-off to fuel disruptive innovation and economic development through the use of space solutions for mobility, healthcare and smart cities.

CNES’s ambition is to meet the needs of entrepreneurs—from start-ups to large manufacturing groups—looking to innovate through space by helping to address a range of questions: How do we integrate and federate people who don’t share space culture? How do we raise their awareness of the benefits of satellite-based solutions? And how do we irrigate the wider economy? This can be accomplished, for example, by promoting and providing training in space applications and the integration of space technologies and solutions, supplying data or supporting a project in its planning stages. With this objective in mind and to achieve maximum visibility, CNES has forged ties with competitiveness clusters, economic development agencies, local authorities and business incubators and boosters.

After the event, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “Connect by CNES aims to promote space and its applications by developing close relationships with entrepreneurs. Our presence at Station F is a good example of this and start-ups who innovate using space data and solutions will be the measure of our success. As a government agency, CNES must seek to drive our economic and social development.”

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