October 10, 2018

CNES Strategy 2025 - Liliane Baste appointed Director of Change Management

In line with CNES’s Strategy 2025, Liliane Baste has been appointed the agency’s Director of Change Management.

The space sector is currently seeing unprecedented shifts in technology and organization around the world. The increasing importance of space data is making this field ever more strategic from an economic and social perspective. As a space agency that has always adapted successfully to change since its inception, CNES is today taking up this new challenge. Since January this year, the agency’s Strategy 2025 review has defined how it can continue to offer added value in tomorrow’s space ecosystem. Liliane Baste’s appointment as Director of Change Management stems from the findings of this review.

Liliane Baste’s role as Director of Change Management will cover:
•    Defining and implementing a project-type organization to manage change.
•    Translating the findings of the strategic review into actions while continuing to drive forward proposals.
•    Working closely with the agency’s relevant directorates to put in place the required organization to execute and track these actions.
•    Assuring effective support for change by tracking project progress with employees and their representatives.
•    Factoring in the results of this change management function from 2019 in preparing the next government-agency contract.

Liliane Baste joined CNES in 1997. She has occupied various human resources posts at the agency, as HR correspondent and Training Manager at the Guiana Space Centre from 1997 to 2004, then at CNES Head Office from 2004 to 2017 as HR correspondent, Labour Relations Manager and Head of Careers and Skills. Since 2017, she has been Deputy Director of Human Resources and contributed this year to the Strategy 2025 working group.

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