July 3, 2015

CNES welcomes CNRS to the Toulouse Space Centre

Friday 3 July, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall welcomed Alain Fuchs, President of CNRS, the French national scientific research agency, to the Toulouse Space Centre (CST), one of CNES’s four centres of excellence. The two agency heads and their delegations discussed a broad spectrum of topics, notably joint space missions, and the CNRS delegation was given a tour of the facility.

During the visit, Jean-Yves Le Gall gave a presentation of CNES and the CST, one of its four centres of excellence, to Alain Fuchs, CNRS President; Philippe Baptiste, Associate Director General, Science; and Pascale Delecluse, Director of INSU, the French national institute for universe sciences (attached to CNRS).

A range of topics were then discussed, in particular human resources issues addressed in the report of the French Science Academy on how space is advancing science, presented by Jean-Loup Puget, Chair of CNES’s Science Programmes Committee (CPS). Fabienne Casoli, Deputy Director with responsibility for Science at CNES, gave the agency’s assessment of the evolution in human resources allocated to space projects at research laboratories. The CNRS delegation was then given a guided tour of the CST by its Director Marc Pircher, during which they were able to see at first hand the excellent work the centre’s teams are doing and the advantages it offers for conducting science.

On the occasion of this visit, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “I am delighted to have been given this opportunity to present CNES to Alain Fuchs on his first visit to our Toulouse Space Centre. Our longstanding partnership, renewed in 2013, illustrates our complementary skills in scientific and technological research, which have already spawned impressive successes, among them Rosetta/Philae and the Planck, Megha-Tropiques, SARAL/AltiKa, Swarm and GAIA missions. We are focused on obtaining the best value for public funds to pursue our future missions, which I am sure will be equally successful, and I look forward to us conducting new projects together like SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography), the Biomass climate mission, Bepi-Colombo (2017), Solar Orbiter (2018), Euclid (2020) and JUICE (2022).”

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