June 21, 2018

CosmiCapital investment fund - Successful first meeting with investors for CNES and CapDecisif Management

Thursday 21 June, CNES and CapDecisif Management held a first meeting with investors interested in the recently formed CosmiCapital fund in order to outline development opportunities in space and present the CosmiCapital team, which has already been joined by a partner and an investment officer.

The fund aims to secure €80 million to €100 million from investors to support 20 start-ups based in Europe. It will seek to provide initial, risk-capital and growth funding. Six thematic areas have been defined to ensure a diverse investment portfolio: launcher manufacturing, systems and technologies, satellite manufacturing, ground services and logistics, data exploitation and applications, and space-related businesses.

The presentation of opportunities in space focused by way of illustration on the nanosatellite niche, which with more than 5,000 launches planned over the next ten years will soon be generating business worth more than €1 billion a year.

CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “The CosmiCapital fund is generating keen interest from our French and international partners. The presence of institutional, industrial and financial investors, notably international investors, here at CNES’s Head Office today bears testament once again to the attractiveness of the European space sector. CNES is working hard to develop this fund, which will spur growth of space start-ups and enable them to become world leaders.”

CapDecisif Management CEO Olivier Dubuisson added: “The announcement of CosmiCapital’s launch has generated a great response from space start-ups. We have already received 43 funding applications, confirming the exceptional opportunity being offered to investors and the effectiveness of CosmiCapital’s technical and financial support model for firms in the space ecosystem, thanks to its unique partnership with CNES.”

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