December 6, 2013

CNES Board of Directors gives go-ahead for construction of a new NBR fuelling building at the Guiana Space Centre

At its 335th meeting on Friday 6 December, the CNES Board of Directors approved a motion authorizing the agency to sign an agreement with Arianespace to build a new NBR fuelling building (Nouveau Bâtiment de Remplissage) at the Guiana Space Centre.

The new NBR fuelling building will offer greater flexibility for preparing satellites at the Guiana Space Centre (CSG). It will be erected on the same site as the ELS Soyuz launch complex and used in particular to fuel the Russian launcher’s Fregat upper stage, thereby freeing up the S3B building where these operations are currently conducted. As a result, the S3B building will be more available to meet demand for preparation of satellites launched by Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega.

The new building will cover a floor area of 1,152 sq.m and be operational in 2015. Its construction calls for a total investment of €36.5 million. The financing package will be put together by Arianespace and more than 60% of industrial activities will be performed by local Guianese firms. Project oversight will be provided by teams at the Ground Systems Sub-Directorate of CNES’s Launch Vehicles Directorate (DLA), which have managed development of equipment and launch pads at the CSG for close on 40 years.

CNES’s Board of Directors was required to approve this real-estate operation because the agency owns the land on which the new building is to be erected.

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