December 20, 2017

First meeting of thematic Executive Committee, CNES’s governance becomes more responsive to adapt to an evolving environment

Wednesday 20 December, CNES held the first meeting of its thematic Executive Committee at Head Office in Paris Les Halles, chaired by President Jean-Yves Le Gall. At the meeting, Lionel Suchet reviewed the changes in governance made since his appointment as the agency’s Chief Operating Officer.

CNES’s senior management team now operates with different Executive Committees fulfilling different functions. A weekly operational Executive Committee meeting is held with all of the agency’s directors, while thematic Executive Committee meetings every two months allow a deeper focus on key topics. These meetings are attended by all directors and their deputies.

An extended Executive Committee meeting with all deputy directors is also held every six months, and a management seminar organized every two years, the next one being scheduled for next year. Lastly, there are monthly technical meetings chaired by the Chief Operating Officer to take decisions on specific subjects.

CNES focuses its efforts on five core domains covering all of the skills and expertise needed to shape and execute France’s space policy:
•    Ariane: Europe’s range of launchers guarantees independent access to space—a matter of national sovereignty—today with Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega, and in the future with Ariane 6.
•    Science: space exploration is looking to answer questions about the origins of the solar system, galaxies and life.
•    Earth observation: satellites are supplying vital data for weather forecasting, oceanography and efforts to curb climate change.
•    Telecommunications: satellites are playing a key role supporting Internet connectivity, location-based services, environmental data collection and search and rescue.
•    Defence: high-resolution optical imaging, signals intelligence, secure telecommunications and space surveillance and tracking are promoting peace and security.

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