September 1, 2017

France and Jordan commit to the training of young people in the space professions

CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall and acting CEO of the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) Nour Abu-Ragheb have just signed a letter of intent regarding the exchange and integration of trainees between the two organizations.

CNES conducts pedagogical activities for students at all levels of the French education system. Each year, it takes on more than 150 work experience students at its various centres and organizes a number of activities aimed at getting young people interested in the space sector. The C’Space national rocket launch campaign and the ActInSpace hackathon competition to promote the use of space technologies are excellent examples of the agency’s determination to reach out to young people, while giving them access to its space know-how and experience.

Faced with national and international challenges regarding education, employment and access to resources, the CPF has launched a series of initiatives to provide students with the skills and knowledge they require. The aim is to support the young people of Jordan in their efforts to secure a successful future. In order to create the best possible framework for these exchanges, CNES and CPF have defined several areas of mutual interest. These are: small satellites, in particular CubeSats, research and space technology, and remote sensing by satellite and its applications.

The letter of intention covers a period of five years. To ensure proper follow-up, the process put in place will be subject to review 1 year after its implementation.

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