September 15, 2020


Tuesday 15 September, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall took part in the 2020 edition of the International Space Conference & Expo organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry, recalling during the virtual session held due to the health situation the importance of space cooperation between India and France, notably in the field of climate science.

As far back as 2001, the two nations made climate a priority of their partnership. In 2016, CNES and ISRO brought together more than 60 space agencies to ratify the New Delhi Declaration, laying the foundations for the Space Climate Observatory (SCO). Launched by President Macron in 2019 in Paris, the SCO is a unique initiative through which numerous space agencies are joining forces and combining the capacities of their satellites to offer a new perspective on the need to adapt to climate change. Indeed, satellite systems provide by far the highest amount of data for climate models.

CNES and ISRO are operating a number of climate monitoring satellites together. TRISHNA, a highly precise thermal infrared observer, will soon join this fleet of Indo-French satellites. After a successful design phase led by the joint ISRO-CNES team, the satellite is now set to enter its development phases in the coming months. TRISHNA will provide continuous thermal monitoring at high resolution, its unmatched capabilities serving precious applications ranging from sustainable agriculture to forecasting of droughts and monitoring of urban heat islands.

At the end of last year, the Argos-4 payload module set to fly on the Oceansat-3 satellite—another major collaboration between the two nations—arrived in India. Oceansat-3 is key to assuring the operational continuity of the Argos system and will bolster the fleet of French-Indian satellites monitoring climate from space.

CNES is hosting an online exhibition on French-Indian space cooperation at the International Space Conference & Expo 2020 from 15 September to 10 October 2020, viewable on its virtual stand at the event:

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