April 18, 2018

France-UAE space cooperation, France-UAE Strategic Dialogue Committee meets for programme status review in Abu Dhabi

Wednesday 18 April, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall was in Abu Dhabi for the meeting of the France-United Arab Emirates Strategic Dialogue Committee. Before the committee and at a meeting with Naser A. Al Hammadi, Director of National Space Policy at the United Arab Emirates Space Agency (UAESA), he reviewed topics of interest to the two nations.

France and the United Arab Emirates have been working closely together for several years now on commercial, strategic and institutional space matters. In particular, they are playing a pivotal role in tackling climate change, for example at the One Planet Summit and in supporting the proposal to set up a Space Climate Observatory (SCO).

On 11 February, during the French Prime Minister’s official visit to the United Arab Emirates, CNES and UAESA signed an agreement to develop a joint hyperspectral imaging satellite to support efforts to tackle climate change. A first joint workshop is set to be held at the Toulouse Space Centre at the beginning of May to move forward with this mission.

In the field of human spaceflight, CNES and UAESA are continuing to work together with a view to leveraging the expertise of CNES’s MEDES health subsidiary and the CADMOS centre for the development of microgravity applications and space operations. Emirati scientists will be taking part in a space medicine research campaign at MEDES this June.

After the Committee’s meeting, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “The regular exchanges between France and the United Arab Emirates on space are a perfect illustration of our commitment to work together in a range of fields. In this regard, the hyperspectral remote-sensing mission is a fine example of what our two nations can achieve together.”

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