October 9, 2018

French Tech + Emmanuel Macron meet-up, CNES at Station F supporting innovative space technology start-ups

Tuesday 9 October, in the presence of President Emmanuel Macron and Mounir Mahjoubi, Minister of State for the Digital Sector, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall took part in the French Tech meet-up at Station F in Paris. This meet-up is the autumn event organized by French Tech, with which CNES has been working since February at Station F, the world’s largest campus for start-ups.

Support for innovative start-ups employing space technologies and applications is an extension of the Connect by CNES initiative through which the agency is reaching out and engaging with communities. CNES is thus offering start-ups the benefit of its unique expertise in France and abroad, while also raising its profile and accessibility.

Since setting up stall at Station F, CNES has forged a range of partnerships with competitiveness clusters, economic development agencies, local authorities, incubators and boosters. The agency’s experts have so far met 50 or so start-ups—30 at Station F—and are working with them in fields as diverse as healthcare, information technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), telecoms, virtual reality, security, event management and the environment. To step up and better target such meetings with start-ups, they have arranged a series of meet-ups with programme directors and organized two masterclasses and two thematic workshops at Station F in the first half of this year to affirm CNES’s presence and promote its service portfolio.

This June, CNES joined Pass French Tech, the national programme geared towards supporting fast-growing French Tech firms. These start-ups get access to premium services tailored to their burgeoning business, focused on funding, international expansion, innovation, business development and visibility. These services are delivered by government business development agencies in partnership with the 13 French Tech cities and 14 operators.

After today’s meet-up, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “CNES’s presence here at Station F over the last eight months has been a huge success, enhancing the agency’s image and exporting its know-how. Its impact is undeniable and signals our desire to act and innovate. CNES is constantly working to drive economic and social development and President Macron’s support shows a clear commitment to what French Tech is doing at Station F.”

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