October 8, 2018

GeoImage, CNES gives teachers a new educational tool using satellite imagery

Under its agreement with the Ministry of Education, CNES has developed a new website called GeoImage to complement the resources already available via the agency’s educator websites. With satellite imagery now increasingly ubiquitous in many daily personal and professional applications, it is vital this resource finds its way into teaching programmes, in line with the world-leading tools France has developed through its national space strategy.

This project’s goal is to provide free access to high-definition satellite imagery acquired by CNES covering France and the rest of the world with the Pleiades, SPOT, Sentinel and VENųS satellites. The images come with a science file to put them in context and make them readily usable for non-specialists. The main view is often accompanied by thematic close-ups to enable study of a particular type of landscape or territory in more depth. Science files are produced working with teachers and research scientists contributing their expertise in the relevant field.

The project has received support through the digital development strategy of the Inspectorate General of Education’s history and geography group. It therefore constitutes a new and innovative pillar for initial and continuous teacher training. The official opening of the website was announced at the International Geography Festival held from 5 to 7 October at Saint-Dié-des-Vosges.

The website is built around four approaches based on themes, questions for competitive examinations, ‘resonant territories’ and headline images.

For each of these four sections, images and files are arranged by theme (seas, islands and coasts, cities and urban growth around the world, mountains and high terrain, deserts and low-density areas, rural and countryside areas, production systems and geopolitics).

Learn more on the GeoImage website at https://geoimage.cnes.fr/fr

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