July 13, 2022

Innovation Pitch Day on artificial intelligence for space transportation

Tuesday 12 July, CNES held a Pitch Day for its R&D Challenge on Artificial Intelligence for space transportation. The challenge’s aims were to imagine innovative concepts and disruptive technologies for launchers in the 2040 timeframe.

Start-ups, SMEs, non-profit associations, research laboratories and large primes were invited to pitch their innovation ideas to an audience of experts from the space industry base, partners, overseeing ministries and manufacturers. The laureates were awarded a total of €700,000 in CNES contracts, each worth up to a maximum of €100,000, to boost innovation and develop the space economy.

The eight laureates are:
•    CRAT for ENAI – ENergy and context-aware AI-enabled decision support system for optimizing pre- and post-launch operations
•    ISAE SUPAERO for GENIAL – ModelinG of liquid rocket ENgines using CFD and artificIAL intelligence
•    OCTO for V-IO visual analysis by drones
•    SCALIAN for Reusable rocket guidance by Artificial Intelligence
•    UMPC for Prognostic tools for predicting the remaining lifetime of components from the AI-enhanced statistical analysis of failure precursors

These projects showed real added value in terms of flexibility, agility, performance or recurring cost reductions, without compromising reliability.

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