March 7, 2017

Innovation takes centre stage at CNES’s 2017 induction seminar

From 7 to 9 March in Toulouse, CNES’s induction seminar is gathering more than 120 new recruits that have joined one of the agency’s four centres of excellence over the last 18 months. Innovation will be the watchword of this year’s seminar with a programme of novel, participative events.

Besides helping to build a shared culture by expounding CNES’s roles and values, the yearly induction seminar offers new recruits an opportunity to discover in detail the diversity of activities and jobs at the agency, to meet the Executive Committee, to get together, to start networking outside their home base, to meet colleagues from other centres and to become new ambassadors for the agency. And this year again, CNES’s senior executive team will be getting the benefit of their first impressions in a discovery report.

At a time when CNES is adapting the way it works to the challenges posed by seismic shifts in the world of space, this 2017 induction seminar is seeking to be especially innovative, bringing together more than 120 new recruits with fun workshops, panel discussions, inspiring story sessions and visits of the Toulouse Space Centre and CNES’s industry partners.

On this occasion, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “Whether they come from French Guiana, Toulouse or Paris, our new recruits spend three days totally immersed in the challenge-oriented culture that is inscribed in CNES’s DNA. Our Human Resources Directorate has succeeded in injecting innovation into this 2017 edition of our induction seminar. We can be proud of this determination to innovate that permeates everything our agency does. Everyone who joins us at CNES thus finds the values to energize their future careers. I am sure they will surprise us inventing the future of space.”

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