February 21, 2020


Thursday 20 February, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall attended the screening of Jacques Blamont, action the sister of dreams, a film profile by Rina Sherman, also known as k éditeur, at the invitation of Laëtitia Moreau, President of SCAM, the multimedia authors society, and the author. Professor Jacques Blamont is a member of the French Academy of Science and Adviser to the CNES President.

In the 52-minute film, Jacques Blamont outlines why we need a new climate paradigm to ensure our survival. He points to human sacrifices, the consequences of certain advances we have made and talks about one of his recent projects, Federation, which with CNES brings together hackers in a spirit of inventiveness and creativity. He also reflects on the place of dreams and serendipity in our lives and the work of great scientists. René Char wrote that we can choose between two paths: to live our life or to dream it. Jacques Blamont believes there is a third way that consists in living AND dreaming it, which underpins all of his work.

Born in 1926 and a Professor at the University of Paris since 1957, Jacques Blamont has made a key contribution to the French space programme. In charge of launching Véronique rockets from Hammaguir, CNES’s first Director of Science and Engineering and the man responsible for developing France’s first satellites, he was also instrumental in the choice of Kourou as Europe’s spaceport and has served as adviser to all 11 CNES Presidents since the agency’s inception in 1961.

After the screening, Jean-Yves Le Gall commented: “It was an absolute joy for me to see this film. I have known Professor Blamont for more than 40 years, and he has never ceased to surprise me, be it through a career for which he has received numerous tributes and which it is my privilege to appreciate every day, or through the books he has written throughout his life. Tonight, I discovered a new evocation of Jacques’ thinking that touched me deeply and rings so true. Thank you so much!

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