July 2, 2018

Laureates of #ActInSpace® 2018

The prizegiving ceremony for the third ActInSpace competition organized by CNES, ESA and ESA BIC Sud France (1) was held during the Toulouse Space Show 2018. This year’s edition of the competition created to nurture entrepreneurial start-up initiatives employing space technologies brought together some 2,229 participants from 53 cities in 32 countries on five continents, who between them presented 510 start-up projects.

The laureates of this year’s ActInSpace received their awards from CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall and the competition’s partners at the Toulouse Space Show. They were:

The International Prize, a flight in weightless conditions aboard the A310 Zero-G aircraft, went to Wright Team Incorporated from Australia for their tamper-proof registration and identification system for drone operators. The technology used is built around a CNES patent based on Galileo.

The French National Prize, a trip to see a launch at the Guiana Space Centre, was awarded to the Cannes team for its Lycie project, a free mobile application that improves the safety of road users and saves them money. This project is based on a CNES patent enabling detection of unusual behaviour.

The International Public Prize was awarded by ESA to the QT-Space team from Berlin, which proposes to develop a stabilized-frequency laser system (quantum clock). Such clocks will play a key role in future navigation missions and provide more-precise ranging information.

The Fabspace Prize was awarded by Aerospace Valley and Paul Sabatier University to the Vindo team from The Netherlands for their innovative solution that helps people moving house to find the town that best fits their requirements with an application using Copernicus data, while encouraging town and cities to adapt to their needs.

Airbus Defence & Space, the event sponsor, awarded prizes in two categories:
-    The Innovation Prize was shared by two teams. The first was Spaceway-PT Explorers from Portugal, who proposed a fast and secure service for transferring satellite data into the cloud. The second was Insert Space from Singapore, with their 3D system for fabricating microthrusters for cubesats.
-    The Entrepreneurship Prize went to the French team Toulouse Team Alpha for its Greenwest project aiming to apply artificial intelligence to satellite data and develop optimal hybrid renewable energy solutions for regions. This challenge was set by the InVivo agricultural cooperative.

The Women’s Entrepreneur Prize was awarded by Eban to the Firefly team from Portugal for its solution for fighting wildfires using satellite data and machine learning.

The GSA Prize went to the Tensor Science team from Azerbaijan for their Geospinner project, which was judged the best using satellite positioning technologies including Galileo.

The Space Aiding Humanity Prize was awarded by MAIF to the Toulouse-based Seiryu team for their tree-protection service.

Numerous other prizes were awarded at the French final by INPI, the national intellectual property institute, by Harmonie mutuelle for the best use of space in healthcare, by the French defence procurement agency DGA for the best civil and military use of space, and by explorer Stephane Levin to the team proposing the best space-based service to support his expedition in the Namib Desert.

The race is just getting underway for the candidates who will be receiving support from participating local and regional structures to turn their ideas into business, including ESA`s 20 Business Incubation Centres.

Save the date for the 4th edition of ActInSpace.

See more at www.actinspace.org

(1) Set up in 2013 at the Paris Airshow, the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Sud France is the European Space Agency’s sole centre in France (there are 17 others in Europe). It is coordinated by the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster in conjunction with CNES and the SAFE cluster. It comprises six incubators in the Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regions: Technopole Bordeaux Technowest, ESTIA Entreprendre, Nubbo, CEEI Théogone, and the BIC Montpellier and PACA-Est incubators. Since its inception, ESA BIC Sud France has incubated 58 firms. More at www.esa-bic.fr (new website!) and http://esabicsudfrance.scoop.it/t/news-187.


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