June 20, 2019

CNES at the 2019 International Paris Air Show - French Guiana takes centre stage

For the 53rd International Paris Air Show, CNES organized its traditional French Guiana Day on Thursday 20 June. French Guiana is a key asset for Europe’s space programme, with the ideal location of the Guiana Space Centre (CSG)—the world’s most efficient launch base—guaranteeing an independent space launch capability and projecting the region on the world stage. Space supports 4,700 direct, indirect and induced jobs in the territory, equivalent to 15% of its GDP.

CNES is constantly striving to support employment in French Guiana. In particular, it is enabling the insertion of long-term unemployed young people during the construction phase of the future ELA 4 launch complex for Ariane 6. The agency is also continuing to execute the PHEDRE 2 plan, refocusing actions on education and training, tripling the number of student grants and increasing funding. 2018 was a record year with 11 launches, including the 100th flight of Ariane 5—confirming the reliability of the launcher designed and developed by CNES—and the 50th anniversary of the CSG from where the first Veronique sounding rocket was sent aloft in April 1968. In 2019, the base has the future resolutely in its sights with the arrival of new customers from all over the world, the launch of new-generation satellites like ANGELS and EYESAT, the start of commercial operations for Ariane 6 and Vega C, and plans to refurbish its facilities. The end of the year will be marked by two major events at the CSG, with the 40th anniversary of the first Ariane launch and the official inauguration of the ELA 4 launch complex.

Pick of the day
Jean-Yves Le Gall, CNES President and Chair of the Administrative Board of GSA, the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency, took part in the interministerial committee meeting devoted to Galileo, the European satellite navigation system that has now passed the milestone of 700 users. The committee stressed the need to look forward to the two major upcoming milestones for Europe’s GNSS programmes in the years ahead: sustainment of infrastructures and development of services in support of programmes and their users, whose expectations continue to grow ever since services have come on stream.
Galileo should also be able to serve critical safety-of-life applications like civil aviation, rail transport and autonomous vehicles. And as Europe’s satellite navigation programmes are developed with public funds, they must contribute to implementing public policies not only for transport but also in other domains such as energy, telecommunications, agriculture and geodesy.

Today’s news
CNES and COFREX (Compagnie Française des Expositions) signed a partnership agreement concerning CNES’s presence in the France Pavilion at World Expo 2020 in Dubai, which will run from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021. As a premium partner of the France Pavilion, CNES will be inviting visitors to discover French space activities through films, satellite pictures and mock-ups. The themes of space exploration, climate action, launchers, innovation, telecommunications and international cooperation will give everyone the opportunity to learn more about space today and what it will look like tomorrow.

CNES, ESA and Aerospace Valley kicked off the fourth edition of the national leg of ActInSpace®, following the launch of the international leg the day before. The competition is being organized in 50 countries and over 100 cities. ActInSpace® sets the standard for international competitions, giving contestants 24 hours to invent future products and services using satellite data and space technologies. For the 2020 edition, the goal is to consolidate the competition’s international reach.

Coming up tomorrow
⦁    16:20 – Visit of Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister for Education and Youth, to the CNES Pavilion | CNES Pavilion

Conference programme - Friday 21 June – Earth observation and climate
⦁    10:00 – The Space Climate Observatory
⦁    10:45 – MERLIN watching out for methane
⦁    11:45 – ‘Let’s meet Space Start-ups’ pitches
⦁    13:45 – ‘Let’s meet Space Start-ups’ pitches
⦁    15:00 – Perseus: making the future happen
⦁    15:30 – BepiColombo: en route to Mercury

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