August 28, 2017

Lionel Suchet appointed CNES Chief Operating Officer

President and thereby Director General of CNES, Jean-Yves Le Gall has appointed Lionel Suchet as CNES Chief Operating Officer. The appointment follows that of Joël Barre as Head of DGA, the French defence procurement agency, and is effective immediately.

Announcing the appointment, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall said:

“Following Joël Barre’s appointment as Head of DGA, I have decided to appoint Lionel Suchet as CNES’s new Chief Operating Officer.
I would first like to pay a heartfelt tribute to Joël Barre, on behalf of both CNES and myself personally, for all of his hard work at CNES over the last 20 years, as Director of Programmes, Director of the Guiana Space Centre and, since my arrival in 2013, Associate Director General. Despite the complex environment associated with developments in the space sector, Joël has been absolutely remarkable in helping CNES adapt to its new challenges, thereby ensuring now more than ever our status as a world leader. I therefore wish to express my sincere gratitude for his work and wish him great success in his highly distinguished new role.

“Lionel Suchet will now take on the role of CNES Chief Operating Officer. Of the various potential candidates for this position, I have decided to appoint Lionel for three reasons:
-    His impeccable knowledge of CNES and of the Toulouse Space Centre, which will be the focus of a number of challenges for CNES over the coming years.
-    The outstanding way in which he has developed and ensured the success of the Directorate of Innovation, Applications and Science over the last two years.
-    His membership of France’s Corps de l’Armement, given that CNES is responsible for many missions on behalf of France’s Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Overall, I am convinced that Lionel places CNES in the perfect position to face current challenges in its five areas of activity: Ariane, science, observation, telecommunications and defence, linked to the three main pillars of space activity i.e. innovation, climate and exploration.”

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