October 18, 2019

Microscope team winsFrench Academy of Science’s Prix Servant

Tuesday 15 October, the French Academy of Sciences awarded its Prix Servant to the Microscope team, represented by three project scientists and Yves André, Microscope project leader at CNES.

This prize is awarded alternately in the fields of mathematical sciences and physical sciences. This year’s award distinguishes the Microscope team’s exceptional feat of measuring the equivalence principle, the importance of its contribution to physics and the high degree of technical prowess shown by CNES and partner research laboratories.

In 2018, analysis of measurements from the first month of the Microscope mission enabled the science team to achieve a level of precision of 2 10-14, ten times better than any previous experiment. At this level of precision, Microscope demonstrated that the equivalence principle is not violated.

The full results from the mission will be released in 2020. A significant increase in measurement precision is expected.

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