March 26, 2019

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit - France hails global success of Galileo

CNES is at the 2019 Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, the established European event dedicated to satellite navigation, taking place from Monday 25 to Wednesday 27 March on the theme ‘Augment Yourself with GNSS’. David Comby, deputy interministerial coordinator for European satellite navigation programmes, spoke at the event on behalf of France.

Organized by the University of Munich’s Institute of Space Technology and Space Applications (ISTA), this annual convention brings together the world’s key players in satellite navigation with a view to charting future prospects and partnerships in the domain of space technologies and applications. The highlight of this year’s edition was the review of current satellite navigation systems—the United States’ GPS, Russia’s Glonass, China’s Beidou (BDS), Japan’s QZSS and India’s IRNSS.

David Comby gave his address for the opening of the summit. He recalled the successful launch of the last four Galileo satellites before batch 3 and the need to look forward to the two major upcoming milestones for Europe’s GNSS programmes in the years ahead: sustainment of infrastructures and development of services in support of programmes and their users, whose expectations continue to grow ever since services have come on stream. He also emphasized the need to remain at the cutting edge and keep pace with global competitors. Galileo has key assets that Europe can leverage to become a global leader in high-quality geolocation services.

Galileo should also be able to serve critical safety-of-life applications like civil aviation, rail transport and autonomous vehicles. And as Europe’s satellite navigation programmes are developed with public funds, they must contribute to implementing public policies in foundational domains for society such as transport, energy, telecommunications, agriculture and geodesy.

David Comby concluded by hailing the success of Galileo, which today has over 600 million users and is well on its way to the 1 billion mark.

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