April 7, 2016

CNES takes 35th spot in 2015 INPI patent ranking

France’s industrial property observatory has published the ranking of applicants that filed patents with INPI, the national industrial property institute, in the past year. CNES ranked 35th with 40 applications published, 10 places higher than the previous year.

Every year, France’s industrial property observatory establishes the ranking of patent applications filed with INPI, the national industrial property institute, over the past year. Once again, the leaders in this year’s ranking are from the automotive sector, closely followed by the cosmetics, aviation, telecommunications, electronics, chemicals and energy industries.

CNES came 35th in the ranking with 40 patent applications in 2015, up 10 places on the previous year. Out of the 35 patents it filed in 2015, six were related to the #ActInSpace seeking to promote use of space technologies for the benefit of citizens, jobs and the planet and aimed at a broad audience from start-up entrepreneurs and research scientists to space enthusiasts.


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