May 12, 2017

NFI industrial policy CNES mobilizes telecom stakeholders

CNES today assembled experts from stakeholders in terrestrial and satellite telecommunications, all of whom are partners in the Trust in Digital Solution of France’s NFI industrial policy. The aim of the gathering was to speed up the development of joint product and service offerings for the markets of the future.

Following the 2013 launch of the NFI industrial policy to raise the status of French companies, and as part of the Trust in Digital Solution, on Friday 12 May CNES assembled more than 60 experts from stakeholders in the telecommunications sector. The aim was to encourage partnerships between space companies specialized in the field of telecoms, and terrestrial telecom stakeholders. France’s space team is a major player in NewSpace, thanks to the field of satellite telecommunications. The fact that France also boasts many companies at the cutting edge of terrestrial telecommunications makes it possible to develop a national, differentiated offering with strong export potential.

For terrestrial telecoms, fibre is becoming widespread with 5G now on the horizon. But satellites aren’t only major purveyors of crucial data, they are also extraordinary telecommunications systems. The capacity of internet satellites has multiplied by a thousand in the last 20 years, so satellites and their global coverage have a key role to play in the booming Internet of Things (IoT). Satellites therefore represent a major asset for positioning France within the new digital economy, while the success of telecommunications networks will lead to the synergy and even integration of terrestrial and satellite networks.

What is the role of telecommunications satellites in the media sector? What is the overall status of the French space industry? What can we expect from the telecommunications satellites of the future? These are all just some of the questions debated by participants at the conference, who included experts from Orange, Airbus, Thales and Nokia.

Setting out to identify cooperative synergies and increase the complementarity and integration of terrestrial and satellite telecommunications networks, discussions between the different companies assembled by CNES centred on building more innovative telecommunications infrastructures to boost the potential of France’s national economy.


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