January 19, 2018

PERSEUS seminar students sets sights on reuse

The 13th PERSEUS student space research seminar on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 January in Massy-Palaiseau set participants a new challenge focused on reuse.

Launched in 2005 at the Paris Air Show, the PERSEUS1 technology development programme led by CNES’s Launch Vehicles Directorate (DLA) is an integral part of the agency’s research and innovation policy. As such, it is a great tool for motivating young people to take up careers in space.

PERSEUS develops innovative solutions applicable to reusable and expendable launchers through the participative collaboration of CNES, universities, top engineering schools, aerospace associations and key partners from the aerospace industry.

Every year since 2005, more than 70 projects involving 250 young students are put together and presented at this seminar. The students are thus able to gain hands-on experience applicable to launch systems, working on innovative projects that range from construction of dedicated scientific modules to ground or flight testing of system demonstrators.

A new challenge was set at this year’s seminar by Jérôme Vila, Head of Future and Innovation for Launchers at DLA. The challenge is to develop in five years an experimental vehicle able to loft a payload of 50 kilograms to an altitude of 5 kilometres using an oxygen/methane engine delivering 500 daN of thrust, and to recover the main stage with a vertical landing.

CNES has no doubt the youngsters will rise to this challenge leveraging innovative disruptive technologies.

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