June 20, 2017

Space applications CNES leading the way with firms and regions

Developing applications that leverage space solutions is a key challenge for the public sector, business and emerging nations. It concerns big operators and start-ups alike, and holds great growth potential for CNES and all public and private stakeholders in the space sector.
Salon du Bourget 2017 : tables rondes du CNES Credits: CNES / PEUS Christophe, 2017

A weeding robot controlled with centimetre accuracy thanks to CNES technology will soon replace chemical weedkillers while providing relief from back pain for farmworkers. Keeping track of trains using space-based receivers to enhance safety and determining where grapes are ripe for harvesting… these are just some of the applications that space technologies can serve. And as the digital transition increasingly takes hold, the potential for space applications is gaining new momentum. For example, Earth-observation data support a wide range of services from precision agriculture, weather forecasting, mapping and management of natural resources and hazards to climate change coping strategies, environmental monitoring and safety of people and property.

To underline the synergies between space and healthcare, CNES organized a round table yesterday on telemedicine and health monitoring illustrated by EveryWear, a new tool for collecting physiological readings that Thomas Pesquet used during his Proxima mission on the International Space Station. The agency also organized a development forum for 20 French firms specializing in space applications to showcase their expertise. Topics discussed included support for public policies, international cooperation and development aid.

Do satellites and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) complement one another? This and other issues will be addressed on Thursday as an avenue for development of space applications. UAS manufacturers will be explaining what they need in terms of autonomy and positioning and guidance accuracy. Regional councils are also coming on board. Aware of the benefits of technologies supporting local government and economic development, six regional council and local authority presidents are signing a joint statement today with CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall signalling their intention to develop space applications. The French Guiana regional authority (CTG) and the regional councils of Brittany, Ile-de-France, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur have decided to play a precursor role in many domains including communication, mobility and transport, smart cities, rural affairs, farming and forestry, and tourism. They will be adopting these innovative solutions that are integral to the digital economy and encouraging uptake by stakeholders in their region.

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